Microbiological research

Microbiological laboratory analysis

The CONTROL FOOD laboratory provides services in the field of microbiological tests.

Our offer is addressed to food producers, animal slaughterhouses, and other introducers
food products for sale.

Legal requirements:

Food companies responsible for the production of a given product perform microbiological tests to ensure compliance with the criteria set out in Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 of November 15, 2005 (as amended) throughout the entire permitted storage period.

In the CONTROL FOOD laboratory, tests are performed using both standardized methods and alternative methods based on developed research procedures.

Scope of microbiological tests:

The scope of research also includes such microorganisms that, due to their metabolism can cause product defects or significantly limit its usefulness for consumption.


We also carry out microbiological control of the food production and storage environment, as well as hygiene control of the animal slaughter process.

List of microbiological tests

The environment in the production and storage of food, the surface of carcasses of animals for slaughter

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